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Hello, I am a student photographer and I mostly click garden plants and landscapes. 

I would appreciate critique so please do visit my blog Guramrit Kaur Photography


Kathy Wu   |

"An imaginary brand of chocolate inspired by origami paper and Japanese multi-purpose wrapping cloth called furoshiki. By paying attention to the art of wrapping, we bring moments of fun and beauty into everyday life."

Kathy studies graphic design at RISD. She also loves fine art, technology, textiles, and prose. She dances likes its the seventies when no one’s looking. Hobbies include writing and rabbit-drawing.

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Laima Marija Kamarauskaite   |

Graphic designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Focused on graphic design, print design, illustration and icon design.

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“Persis at Gun Battery Chamberlin”, San Francisco, CA, 2004. © Dave Haworth.

Dave Haworth is a Pacific Northwest photographer, from Portland, OR who specializes in nothing. I prefer to use natural and ambient light as much a possible. I enjoy photographing artistic/erotic nudes, portraits that capture a persons character, landscapes, urban exploration and car culture.


by Mark & Kristen Sink

Jilian Flowers, 2012

(Source: dimshapes)